Hyuna’s message at 9muses Fancafe

Moon Hyuna left a message to MINEs at Namyu’s official Fancafe (9muses.co.kr). You can read the message below, translated by @parkkyungris via 9m-pyohyemi

Long time no see. 🙂 It’s Hyuna

Hello MINE ! mine!
Have you all been doing well?
I’m starting off the post with a default greeting
A few days ago, I was reading a letter that I received from a MINE and suddenly I wanted to write a long letter too. I entered the cafe and to my surprise, there was a post from our Hyemi.!
As expected, since we’ve worked together as a team for a while, I guess we shared the same feelings of missing MINEs.
No, I should have written a post right away that day
Hyemi said something about the fairy’s post being buried by the goddess’ post or something like that ;; and told me to write a post the next day ;; hahaha
That brat, she’s so cute…
Oo seriously,, because she called me a goddess all of a sudden
I couldn’t not listen to our fairy! -_,-
After all that, two days passed
And I ended up writing a long introduction… hehe
It’s been a while since I opened my laptop to write a post, the last time I did was when I was writing “I Love You Everyday”
After tossing “I Love You Everyday” into the world, I guess I threw out the habit of writing as well.
Even right now, it’s not easy for some reason. It’s as if MINEs are in front of me right now. I’m senselessly nervous as well. Hooha
But the reason I mustered up the courage to write a letter,
there’s no particular reason. The truth is, I missed you.!
It’s really strange.. I’m cringing and it’s weird but I’m feeling strange emotions. -0-
It’s weird..
When you read letters, it’s like you’re watching someone’s life as a drama.
Relationships with friends, conflicts with parents, working late at a part time job, working over time, sitting at work even though it’s the weekend, telling stories about things that happened at school. While looking at them (letters) alone, you laugh and cry
Perhaps the subject of today’s letter can be .
I missed you and and even wanted to pat you on the back >..<) You’re all doing well right?? When a friend of mine thinks of the future, they say that it looks bleak and gloomy. They don’t know what they want to do, so when they look at me they become envious and also gain comfort but they say that seeing me continues their worries I’m not an eloquent speaker so I feel sorry about the fact that I can’t comfort them well ㅜ_ㅜ If I were to speak about my story a little, when I was young I never imagined being part of Nine Muses. And moreso, I didn’t expect to publish a book at the age of 28 Even until the publication date was set If my work isn’t successful what would I do, my life doesn’t have a lot of luck I thought to myself, ‘Things can change at the last minute?’ and was nervous even up until publishing the book. After the 5th commemorative release autograph session, for a second I thought I was cosplaying someone else, and when I see “I Love You Everyday” occupying a space on a bookshelf, it feels like an illusion. Ah, I’m suddenly hungry.. That’s right.. you don’t know what the future is like so of course you’re scared But there’s a way to be less scared Should I let you know? The method is.. Getting older ! ㅋㅋㅋ Whippersnappers You’re young, what do you know~.~ … ..Sorry. Hm I just like it. Of course you’ll have a lot of worries when you’re in your 10s and 20s it’s your life so like a well made ceramic You worry a lot so you can shine. And you need to know understand well If you understand yourself well! and you plan It’s game over. Everything will get better (I.. am..still…trying to understand myself…) Also we’re rich. Rich in time. Rich in stamina. What’s good about being young? Being fit Having lots of time (Having time that’s more flexible compared to your parents)! Our MINEs, I hope you live your life excitedly and fruitfully In any case, I hope our MINEs have bright futures.!! For my future, for Namyu’s future, I’m gonna work hard! Live life with strength.! Fighting! My body suddenly feels weak so ending it like this I’m not trying to make it short Because I’m afraid that MINEs’ eyes will hurt…-0- Anyways, I miss you ^3^ Ah I want to try chatting but how do you do it? If you show me how to do it I’ll try it next time ㅋㅋ Next time. Not today. Next… ok ? Ah What’s this This emptiness

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