Hyuna performs with 20 Years of Age in Yeongdeungpo

On the 16th, Moon Hyuna joined 20 Years of Age (스무살) mini-concert in the Times Square Mall in Yeongdeungpo to perform their latest collabo together, ‘Indelible 11-digit Number’.

You can watch the performance below:


We’ve also added 24 fantaken pictures of her performance, click the thumbnails to see them in our gallery:

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Hyemi and Sungah also showed up at the concert to support their unnie!

Hyemi & Sungah came to cheer for the collaboration stage between 20yearsofage and Hyuna! The loyalty of 9Muses!!!!

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Cr.: Miyeol 33.2º (photos); swallowchaos @ Youtube (fancam); 9muses_intl @ Tumblr (translation)