Listen to Hyuna’s new track “Memory Lane (대한극장)”

Hyuna just recently surprised us by revealing a song that she wrote on SoundCloud. You can listen and download Memory Lane (대한극장) right now:

Lyrics + composition: Moon Hyuna, Choi Do Eun.
Drums: Digital Panda; Guitar: Lee Hae Jun.

Check the lyrics in Hangul below:

[Verse 1]
야무지게 머리 높이 올려묶고
유행하는 똑딱핀 찌르고서
태양이 쨍쨍하던 그 여름날에
친구들 한데 모여한 고무줄놀이


Nine Muses holds a showcase for HURT LOCKER

After successfully releasing the mini-album 9MUSES S/S EDITION and its title-track “Hurt Locker (다쳐)”, Namyu held a showcase for fans and press to introduce their new songs, aside from a runway show, press interviews and a set of Euaerin showcasing her DJing skills.

Over 90 pictures of Moon Hyuna from the event are available at our gallery:

Hurt Locker

Yes Or No

DJing + Runway


Cr.: Zenith News, ThetvSeoul @ Youtube

Information about 9MUSES S/S Edition album

Earlier today, Nine Muses revealed the first teaser for their July comeback (see picture on the side). Also, on the latest episode of 9MUSES CAST, a short preview was also released.

Title-track “다쳐(Hurt Locker)” was produced the same composers as Girls’ Generation’s “Tell Me a Wish (Genie)”, “Catch Me If You Can” and SHINee’s “Destination” (from the Everybody album). Euaerin also collaborated for the lyrics on track 5 “Yes Or No” and track 3 “너란애”, which was composed by e.one (“Cupid” by KARA). Jung Chang Wook, responsible for two tracks on their latest mini-album (PILOT EPISODE and DRAMA) produces once more for Nine Muses. BOYTOY and Urban Cllasik, responsible for “Trickling (주르륵)” comes back for track 6 “Fancy” and “Hurt Locker”.

Here’s some of the album information posted on Namyu’s official fancafe:

  • SPECIAL SUMMER ALBUM release: July 2nd 2015 at Midnight KST (00:00AM).
  • Content: CD + photobook with 100 pictures + photocard (random, a total of 9) + 1 poster
  • Total of 6 tracks (see tracklist below)


01. MUSE
Composed by e.one / Arranged by e.one

02. 다쳐(Hurt Locker)
Composed by Erik Lidbom, Anne Judith Wik, Herbie Crichlow
/ Lyrics written by e.one, Urban Cllasik / Arranged by e.one

03. 너란애
Composed by e.one / Lyrics written by e.one, 이유애린 of 9MUSES / Arranged by e.one

04. 팬시(Fancy)
Composed by 정창욱 / Lyrics written by 정창욱 / Arranged by 정창욱

05. Yes or No
Composed by BOYTOY, 를(Lel) / Lyrics written by BOYTOY, 를(Lel), 이유애린 of 9MUSES
/ Arranged by BOYTOY, 를(Lel)

06. 다쳐(Hurt Locker) Inst.
Composed by Erik Lidbom, Anne Judith Wik, Herbie Crichlow
/ Lyrics written by e.one, Urban Cllasik / Arranged by e.one

More information might be added later. Stay tuned!

Source: 9muses Official Daum Cafe
Raw translation by: moon119.org

Hyuna’s message at 9muses Fancafe

Moon Hyuna left a message to MINEs at Namyu’s official Fancafe (9muses.co.kr). You can read the message below, translated by @parkkyungris via 9m-pyohyemi

Long time no see. 🙂 It’s Hyuna

Hello MINE ! mine!
Have you all been doing well?
I’m starting off the post with a default greeting
A few days ago, I was reading a letter that I received from a MINE and suddenly I wanted to write a long letter too. I entered the cafe and to my surprise, there was a post from our Hyemi.!
As expected, since we’ve worked together as a team for a while, I guess we shared the same feelings of missing MINEs.
No, I should have written a post right away that day
Hyemi said something about the fairy’s post being buried by the goddess’ post or something like that ;; and told me to write a post the next day ;; hahaha
That brat, she’s so cute…
Oo seriously,, because she called me a goddess all of a sudden
I couldn’t not listen to our fairy! -_,-
After all that, two days passed
And I ended up writing a long introduction… hehe (more…)

Hyuna poses for Star1 Magazine

For its April issue, Star1 Magazine invited four female idols from 2015 promising girlgroups (Nine Muses’ Hyuna, Secret’s Jieun, EXID’s Junghwa, Rainbow’s Hyunyoung) for a Hera x Olympia Le Tang collection photoshoot.

Two pictorials and one BTS were added to our gallery:

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Star1 also revealed a behind-the-scene video with a quick interview, check it out below:

I’m trying to get the full interview from Star1’s website translated as soon as possible so please be patient ^_^

Cr.: atstar1.com, @star1 on Youtube