Hurt Locker performance on MTV The Show

Here are some pictures and Namyu’s performance of their latest single “Hurt Locker” on MTV The Show’s episode which aired the 28th. Enjoy!

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Hurt Locker Mokdong Fansign

On July 12th, Nine Muses held their first fansign event for their latest mini-album <9MUSES S/S EDITION>.

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Nine Muses holds a showcase for HURT LOCKER

After successfully releasing the mini-album 9MUSES S/S EDITION and its title-track “Hurt Locker (다쳐)”, Namyu held a showcase for fans and press to introduce their new songs, aside from a runway show, press interviews and a set of Euaerin showcasing her DJing skills.

Over 90 pictures of Moon Hyuna from the event are available at our gallery:

Hurt Locker

Yes Or No

DJing + Runway


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Nine Muses performs ‘Drama’ at Dream Concert

Nine Muses was one of the artists of this year’s Dream Concert line-up. The show took place on the 23rd and the group performed a remix of their last hist DRAMA. Here’s the broadcasted performance:


I’ve added press photos from the red carpet and performance, you can check them out by clicking the thumbnails below!

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Home > Appearances > Performances > 2015.05.23 | Dream Concert

I’ll add more pictures once they’re available!

Performance at Yongin University Festival

On this event, Hyuna introduced her new hair colour ash gray), most likely for Nine Muses upcoming July comeback. Enjoy the 100 pictures added to our gallery and some fancams below!

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