Moon Hyuna

Moon Hyuna (in hangul: 문현아 – mun hyeon-a) is an idol singer, dancer, supermodel and now ex-member of South Korean girlgroup Nine Muses. Born in January 19th, 1987, Hyuna joined Nine Muses (who debuted in August 2010) around September or October, after the withdrawal of Jung Jaekyung, promoting the song “Ladies”. Before NM, Hyuna acted as a supermodel and also collaborated with several artists, such as House Rulez. On October 4th 2016, she announced her departure from the group and has since launched her solo career.

Birth name: 문현아 (Mun hyeon-a)
Stage Name: 현아 (Hyuna, Hyun Ah)
Nickname: 문 (moon), 문곰 (moon-gom)
Debut: October 14th, 2010 – Ladies @ M!Countdown
Birth place: Yeosu, South Korea
Birthdate: January 19th, 1987 (1987-01-19)
Family: Mother, father, younger brother
Blood type: O
Height: 172cm (5’7)

Little Moon
Born in Yeosu, Jeolla, Hyuna studied in Neunggok Middle School and Haeng Shin High School (both in Goyang). Hyuna started modelling during high school. Among all Namyu members, she is the one with most experience, doing from fashion modelling to endorsements. Hyuna also auditioned as vocalist for the group House Rulez and was casted to become a member. Back then, she used the stage name Yoon Ji Ah (윤지아) and recorded the songs “Music”, “Pool Party” and “This Song is For You”. At the age of 20, Hyuna won the 2007 Super Model Asia-Pacific Contest.
During the preparations for their debut, the members of Nine Muses faced a lot of difficulties and some of them – including Jaekyung – had the intention to leave the group. So, Star Empire’s manager went to a model agency to look for a girl that fitted in the group’s requirements: pretty, slim, tall and be able to sing and dance. Later in a meeting, the manager invited Hyuna to join the group in mid-July, so she could catch up by August for the group’s debut. However, she thought that it would be better to join the group when she actually felt ready, and her addition only happened in October.

After Hyuna’s debut and eventually the end of Ladies’ promotions, Nine Muses lost more two members, Rana and Bini, that would be replaced by Kyungri and Sungah later. However, the group had a long 9-month hiatus, only releasing new music again in August 2011, when they came back with “Figaro”. The MV for “Figaro” is the first one that Hyuna has appeared as a Nine Muses member.

The year of 2012, however, was much better for Nine Muses – they pulled off their second digital single “News” in January, and their first mini-album, “Sweet Rendezvous”, promoting the track “Ticket”, in March. As a special project, Hyuna and other three members – Sera, Hyemi and Kyungri – joined the MBC show MM Choice 3 and released the song “Get Up”, originally by Baby V.O.X, along with the hip-hop grouo Rhythm Power. Hyuna also endorsed the water park Woongjin Play Doci.

As for 2013, Nine Muses had four releases: “Dolls”, “Wild”, their first full-length album “Prima Donna” and also “Glue”. Hyuna also opened her Instagram and Youtube accounts and endorsed the game Three Kingdoms PK.

She continued her activities during 2014 and 2015, when Namyu welcomed to new members: Keumjo and Sojin. In October 2014, Hyuna featured on 20 Years of Age song “Indelible 11-Digit Number”. The following month, Hyuna had her own book published, named I Love You Everyday, an ilustrated piece of her own life through her cats’ point of view. The book’s release was accompanied by the OST “I Like My Way Back Home”, also wrote by Hyuna. She held several fansigns to promote her book.

In 2015, Nine Muses successfully promoted “Drama”, “Hurt Locker” and “Sleepless Night” throughout the year as 8. On February 2016, Nine Muses held their first concert MUSE IN THE CITY in Seoul and Shanghai, performing their best songs and special stages.

Sadly, shortly after Minha and Euaerin left the group, followed by Hyuna herself, who published a handwritten letter on the fancafe announcing her withdrawal due to her contract with Star Empire expiring.

Following her departure, Hyuna opened her own company MOONGOM HOUSE, where she publised her self-written song “Memory Lane” on several digital sites, including Spotify.

In December 2016, she released her second book, Sweet Remedy, about her au-pair experience in Hawaii. As the soundtrack for the book, Hyuna released the song “Remedy” with producing duo The Lowkies in two versions: Sunset and 2AM. Just like for I Love You Everyday, several fansigns were held for the book.

Her first solo project since leaving Nine Muses is “Cricket Song”, a single produced by The Lowkies and release via Moongom House and Daynite Records.

Hyuna is known for her goddess looks, unique voice and lovely personality, also for her undying love towards Moya and Hoya, her cats, and also 80s music – she used to share song links quite often on Twitter, revealing her music taste to her fans.

Hyuna owns two cats: Moya (모야, left) and Hoya (호야, right). Moya is a female turkish angora cat, adopted around 2011. Hoya is a female, undefined breed, adopted by Hyuna from a train station back around early 2013.