About Sweet Remedy

SWEET REMEDY (스위트리메디) is the second book written by Moon Hyuna, published through RBBOOKS in December 2016. The essay describes Hyuna’s stay in Hanauma Bay, Hawaii ilustrated with tales and pictures from that place.

About the book
Genre: Travel / Travel essay
Pages: 224

Through the natural surroundings of Hawaii and adolescent, fairytale-like life, she gifts a time of Sweet Remedy.

Dropping the title of “girl group member” after a long time, this is an essay by Nine Muses’ lead vocal, Hyuna. Leaving behind the ups and downs of the twenties, she ventures into a new field with a travel-essay autobiography. Stepping forward with something slightly different, she expresses a lot through calm pictures and words – the story of the warm family of James, whom she met during her vacation in Hawaii, the candid views and scenery, even conversations with herself. Even though the trip started out being a little sad and heavy, she managed to find healing through the process. For the sake of a better, healthier stride forward, she realised she needed to take some time off for herself. (This book) is filled with all those simple, frank moments of realisation. “Sweet Remedy” is what she needs and what she wants to give.

Author : Moon Hyuna

The author, Moon Hyuna, published the title “I Love You Everyday” 2 years ago. It featured a story about her companions (cats) Moya and Hoya. She has lived under the title of an “idol” up till a few months back, and is presently engaged in simple writing while going on trips. She intends to express her true self through her writing and pictures. “As I’m doing all the things I want in life, the good and bad times of my twenties have come come to an end.” She includes this mindset in the words she writes, the photographs she takes, and the songs she sings. Even though she’s no different from anybody else, there’s one thing that’s special in her life – she lives with her two cats, Moya and Hoya.


  • Prologue
  • 여행의 시초 (Vacation’s Beginning)
  • 시간탐험대 (Exploring Time)
  • BusBoy
  • Hawaii♥Kawaii
  • 스팸 무스비 (Spam Musubi)
  • 사랑의 정의 (The Definition Of Love)
  • Standing infront of the Nature
  • 조화 (Harmony)
  • 도전 (Challenge)
  • 무한고속도로 (Endless Expressway)
  • 기억의 장소 (A Place Of Memories)
  • We are Talking about Deer in Water JJ.
  • Hi, Josiah
  • 관계 (Relations)
  • 시간은 천천히 흐른다 (Time Is Passing Slowly)
  • 천국의 바다 (Heaven’s Beach)
  • 타투에 관한 짧은 에피소드 (A Short Episode About The Tattoo)
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  • Magic Sand Beach
  • 6 조사야(Josiah) 9 타이리(Tyree) [6-Year-Old Josiah And 9-Year-Old Tyree]
  • 내가 사랑하는 이곳 아일랜드 (The Place I Love Island)
  • #포바문 (#PobaMoon) *Positive Vibe Moon
  • 갈림길 (Crossroads)
  • Waiting For Auntie Moon
  • South Point
  • writing on
  • Kalapana Lava flow
  • Starry Night
  • Hawaii Radio
  • Take your time
  • Letter from Moon
  • It was a long long trip,
  • Passport+Film camera
  • From, Beonka
  • Time to go Home
  • Epilogue

In The Book

I finally arrived at my place of lodging after the end of a sleepy, bumpy ride. It had been particularly hot in Korea this year but as I looked up at the sky, the sun shining down on me was ten times hotter. The owner of the house, whom I got to know through AIR BNB, was French and had been living in Hawaii for about 10 years. He teaches violin in an elementary school. It unknowingly made me feel more at ease because we had a common passion in music. It wasn’t so much about performing music, but more of the fact that we had a common topic. As such, even the simple exchange of a few words felt pleasant. The home was clean and Michel was very gentle. Somehow, it was a good start.
(From the book)

Life in the city whizzes by very quickly. There’s no privilege of time; everything’s a rush. I was constantly in a hurry. There were many occasions when I was blamed for being late, waking up late, and procrastinating stuff that needed to get done. How did things get to that state? Where exactly was I dashing off to that I didn’t have any time to slow down and catch a breath? Even running slowly takes practice; slowing the tempo. I’m managing time a little differently compared to my twenties and I think I’m getting the hang of it. I’m training myself to slow down so that I’m not always in a hurry, so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. I feel it once again at the sight of an middle-aged couple sitting at the beach. No rushing; slowly.
(From “Time Is Passing Slowly)

I like whales. Amongst those, I like humpbacks. When I was in kindergarten, I liked rain and stepping into puddles. Mother always nagged about how I would get my clothes dirty. Oddly, my habits did not change despite the nagging. I continued to splash about in puddles until my youngest uncle said one day, “Haena-yah~ Whales live in the puddles. If you keep doing that, they’ll snatch you.” (“Hyuna” becomes “Haena” when pronounced in satoori) “You lie, uncle.” Even though it was such a blatant lie, I started hoping whales or sharks would jump out of the puddles whenever I passed them.

A vacation that started on a calm note brought back thoughts from the very distant past. In a profession where all is visible (to the public), I was only on the pursuit for perfection. With a knife called “sensitivity”, there were times I have hurt others. These thoughts would come back like a boomerang, making me upset again. Remedy, was what I was looking for when the vacation ended. I knew that the courage to start again was not an answer to the ceaseless questions on my mind. The thing I need is time, time for me to heal, for the sake of a healthier step forward.
(From “Prologue”)

Publisher Review

Within the natural surroundings of Hawaii and the affectionate meetings with new people, there is a time of Sweet Remedy

Even though it was a vacation that started with complicated emotions, it turned out to be a time of Sweet Remedy because of the Hawaiian landscape and people there. Readers will be able to feel the same. The end of a choppy ride brought (me) to Hawaii, where the sun was hot and there were many adorable shops. The blue waves and sky proved why it was called the heaven of snorkelling and surfing, and (I) was able to put aside all my troubles and escape for a bit. The flowing lava that crashed against the waves revealed a primitive view of the earth and (I) felt the vitality of life. The live bar, evening sunset, middle-aged couples, and the interaction with James and his family were expressed through her smile, the gentle, emotional writing, as well as the photographs.

Time to reflect on the trip to Hawaii, and the path forward

On the way back from the trip, it felt like time had skipped and I had brought something back. A journey that commenced on a heavy note and made her think of the past; it was a time that made her realise what she needed and would help her advance in life. In Hawaii’s original, natural state, the innocence of nature was experienced. Time spent with 6-year-old Josiah, a boy who loves Bob Marley’s music, felt like a fairytale, and made her think of memories from her childhood. Like the unbelievably clear waves of Hawaii, like the fairytale childhood time, you’ll be able to share her Sweet Remedy as you read this book.

Source: Kyobo Books
Translation: Mavis @ moonhyuna.org