Hyuna announces her departure from Nine Muses through a handwritten letter

On October 4th, MINEs found themselves in a delicate situation once again. This time, it was Moon Hyuna’s turn to announce her exit from Nine Muses after 6 years due to her contract expiration.


The news came after a long hiatus while the group’s sub-unit, Nine Muses A (composed of Hyemi, Kyungri, Keumjo and Sojin) promoted their title-track “Lip 2 Lip”.


Backtracking, she joined Namyu officially in October 2010, during the “Ladies” promotions, as a replacement for Jung Jaekyung. Previously a model, Hyuna was approached by Star Empire around July or August that year to join the group when other trainees demonstrated their dissatisfaction with the project and threatened to leave prior debut. Ever since, she became one of the most popular members of the group.


Through a handwritten letter published on the group’s fancafe, Hyuna ended her journey as a member of Nine Muses.



Hello everyone, this is 9MUSES Hyuna.


Although this seems like a formality, but I have a sad announcement to make.
From 2010 until now, I have been a member of Nine Muses for 6 years.
And now, my contract with Star Empire has formally come to an end.


Although this was a decision that I fretted over for a long time, and thought about a lot, it still doesn’t feel real yet.
It feels like I’ll still be chating and laughing with the members and still living happily while receiving all this love from fans.


Though we had our squabbles over the years but we were always like a family. The thought of leaving the warm nest that is Star Empire leaves me nervous and uncertain.
But I will not forget my passion as Nine Muses’ oldest unnie and will continue to work hard to show the colours of Moon Hyuna to MINEs.


In the last 6 years as a Nine Muses member, the staff members have worked hard for our sake and I’m very grateful.
To the MINEs and members with whom I made all these unforgettable memories and moments with
I will always love you and be thankful for everything.


Though it’s my final greeting as part of Nine Muses
I will always be beside my dongsaengs and MINEs
I’m truly grateful for the love you gave to Nine Muses’ Hyuna all this time.


Thank you


-Moon Hyuna


We wish our cat lady the best of luck in the future and will be forever thankful for such amazing moments she gave us!


Thank you pyoblem @ Twitter for the letter translation.