New domain + themes

Hello everyone!

So, the site completed 2 years online on Jan 19th (along with Moon’s bday ♥ #HappyMoonEggDay) and to ~celebrate~ I’m bringing in some minor new stuff.
First of all, we have a new domain! Now our main address is moonhyuna.org, however you can still access the site through our old domain moon119.org which is still active. This domain was an old wish of mine that I finally got to have it 🙂
Also, in case you haven’t noticed yet, we have new themes (site + gallery)! Both were designed by the incredible Umitohoshi who’s been blessing this fansite for quite some time now ♥
Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with gallery updates by the end of this month and then continue with regular updates from there on. However I’m still looking for someone who can help with translations and news updates in general so if anyone’s interested please mention @themoon119 or send an e-mail to moongom119[@]gmail.com
That’s all for now, please leave your thoughts on the comment section! Thanks.