Update: October performances & events photos

Hi everyone! So, I was a little behind on gallery updates since early October, but today I finally got to add everything to the gallery! So, by clicking the thumbnails below you can browse through 43 fantaken pictures by 9mworld and Full Moon. If all goes well I’ll be able to keep up with SNS pictures (Twitter, Weibo, Instagram) by the end of the week.

Home > Appearances > Performances > 2014.10.23 KFAC University Festival

Home > Appearances > Events > 2014.10.18 Seoul Fashion Week

Home > Appearances > Events > 2014.10.14 Cool.K Book Lauching Event

Home > Appearances > Performances > 2014.10.08 Sinhan University Festival

Home > Appearances > Performances > 2014.10.07 Keimyung University Festival

Home > Appearances > Performances > 2014.10.02 Gyotong University Festival

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