Hyuna leaves an apology note for her neighbours

According to a Instiz post on the 8th, Nine Muses’ member Hyuna left a handwritten “reflection note” to her neighbours on the building’s entrance hall, apparently for being too loud with her music. Just as we thought she couldn’t be any more precious ^_^

The apology was written on the back of a music sheet and it reads as below:

I’m very sorry for causing disturbance to the neighbors.

We’ll try to be careful of music sounds and feet sounds..

We like music too much so we thought the noise wasn’t gonna reach out and didn’t take it seriously T_T

We’ll be more careful because we’re doing what we like…

– From a neighbor who lacks…

Cary Brothers “take your time”

I’m leaving a song I recommend ^^

Translation: KPKF (with comments)
Original post: Instiz
Credits: Moonheart @ moon119.org